Friday, 25 September 2020

Science - Our Sences

This week in Science the children were learning about senses. We focused on the sense of sight and learned about the eyes. We discussed what we already knew about the eyes and things that can help us see.  On the carpet we look at each other’s eyes and talked about the different parts. We investigated what happens to our pupils when we close our eyes. 


Friday, 18 September 2020

Art- Andy Warhol

In Art, the children have been learning about the artist Andy Warhol. We discussed the bright colours he used in his art work and the technique of printing. We discussed patterns and how we could use a range of materials and objects to create a piece of art work. The children then had time to experiment with the different objects to create patterns using the printing technique. We use sponges, numicon pegs, cubes and pom poms. Well done year 1.

Monday, 14 September 2020

Welcome Back

 W E L C O M E ! 

We have had a wonderful, but busy, first week back in Year 1. It has been lovely to see all the children’s happy faces each day and they have settled back into school routine brilliantly. 

We are excited to see what this year will entail and the progress they will make over the coming months. 

Happy to be back! 

Miss Pardoe and Miss Heszelgraves 

(Here is a peak of the classrooms)

Science - Egg Drop

In Science, The children were helping Humpty Dumpty as he always keeps breaking! The children discussed ways to protect an egg from breaking. They thought about different materials and their properties. As a group be discussed predictions before we tested each of the materials. Each group found that the sand was the best material to protect the egg and that if you wrap the egg well in bubble wrap the egg would not break. Well done year 1, fantastic team work! 


Friday, 31 July 2020

Sharing Home Learning

As most of you know already, we will be posting work for you to complete daily on the blog. 

If you would like to share any work you have done, you can take a picture of your work and upload it by clicking on the link below. If you type any work on your device, you can save this and upload it in the same way. This work will be saved in a dropbox which can only be accessed and viewed by your year group teachers.

If you are in Finches use the following link:

If you are in Owls use the following link:

1) You will find the links on your class blog (see above). Select the link for your class which will take you to dropbox (see photo below):

2) Click on choose files and select the document, video or photograph that you would like to upload.

3) Click open to begin uploading your file.

4) Fill in your details before clicking upload.

Can't wait to see your home learning! Remember to fill in your details please.

Any questions please just comment below. Remember we are here to help.

Thursday, 16 July 2020


Can you draw a cat just like Hamish?


My favourite character in The Lighthouse Keeper's books is Hamish. 

Can you be like Hamish?


Hamish found lots of strange creatures on his way to the village. 

Using directional language can you guide Hamish to the villiage from the lighthouse.

As a challenge can you complete this game?


Can you write adjectives around Hamish to describe him?


Today, you are going to write a character description all about Hamish. 

For example: 

Hamish was terrified, greedy cat who ran away from his loving home. 

Capital letters 
Finger Spaces 

Guided Reading Friday

This week we have been reading lots of different 'Lighthouse Keeper's' books.

Today we will read 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Cat'

Can you write  a book review?

Wednesday, 15 July 2020


Why do lighthouses need lights? 

Go for a walk in the dark with an adult. Take a torch.

What can you see? 

What can you hear?

Animated GIF


Today you are going to explore hot air balloons.

Watch the video to learn all about hot air balloons

Can you design your own pattern on a hot air balloon?


Can you count in 2s?

Watch this video all about 2s and complete the sheet

Join the dots while counting along.


'The Lighthouse Keeper's Picnic'

Mr Grinling had a delicious picnic. 

Today you are going to create a delicious menu for your very own picnic. 

In the summer holidays maybe you could go on a picnic with your family. Make sure you send in pictures of your delicious picnics. 

Guided Reading

Today we are going to read another Lighthouse Keeper's book 

'The Lighthouse Keeper's Picnic'

What is similar about this story and 'The Lighthouse Keeper's tea'?
It is similar because...

What is different about this story and 'The Lighthouse Keeper's tea'?
It is different because...

Which story is your favourite and why?
My favourite story is...

Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Phonics Wednesday

Today we are going to look at a different spelling for the long ee sound 

Can you write the words next to the picture?


Can you add sound buttons after?

Science Wednesday

Mr Grinling is very good at floating.

Today, can you test different objects to see if they sink or float. 

Watch this video to help. 

As a challenge can you add five more objects. 

Maths Wednesday

LO: I can compare numbers 

Sing along to the comparing numbers song. 

Now complete the sheets

English Wednesday

Listen again to 'The lighthouse keeper's tea'

Today, you need to write a diary entry as if you are Mr Grinling all about his day. 

For example: 

Dear Diary, 

Today has been a very busy day and I am tired. I tried lots of activities. First, I tried cooking, but this was a disaster. Secondly, I went bird watching. This made me feel very peaceful. I saw greenfishes and kingfishers. Suddenly, some cows came and ate my delicious sandwiches. I then tried to play the violin and surfing. I was not very good at surfing because I could not swim. After, I decided to learn to swim. Finally, I

kept practicing and practicing to surf until I stayed on the surfboard. I had a very exciting day! 

From Mr Grinling 

Remember to include time connectives!

Guided Reading Wednesday

Listen again to 'The lighthouse keeper's tea'

Can you retell the story?


What happened at the beginning of the story?

At the beginning of the story...


What happened in the middle of the story?

In the middle of the story...


What happened at the end of the story?

At the end of the story...