Thursday, 23 November 2017

Meteorologists in the making!

Today, Year 1 put on their scientist hats! We are learning about the weather, and we will be measuring how much it rains in the different seasons. 

Today we made our own rain gauges so that we can perform this experiment.

Have a look at how well we worked to follow instructions and make our rain gauges. Some of the steps were quite tricky!

First, we cut the top off a bottle.

Look how careful Ameen and Pixie are. 
(But watch out for your fingers!)

Next, we had to turn the top of the bottle upside down, and tape it onto the bottom half.

We don't want it to fall apart...

Then we used a ruler to make a measuring scale.

Finally we took our rain gauges outside. We dug little holes to make sure that they don't blow away!

Next week we will be checking our rain gauges to measure how much it rains each day during the autumn!