Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Skipton Castle in the Snow!

Year 1 had a wonderful trip to Skipton Castle today. We braved the cold and the snow to learn about some of the history in the local area.

We explored all over the castle and heard all about its history from our superb guides. We learned all about how kitchens were run in medieval times (no girls allowed!) and about what the toilets were like (very smelly!). We also went deep down into the dungeons and saw how dark it was for the prisoners that were kept there.
Ask us all about our fabulous experience, and enjoy the pictures from our trip.

All of us could fit into the fireplace!

This is the dungeon...with the lights on...
 and with the lights off!
We leaned about how knights guarded the entrance to the castle using a drawbridge, murder holes, gates and a portcullis.

We are looking forward to continuing our learning about castles this half term.